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Student full registration (CA$525.00)1 – confirm your eligibility by emailing

Workshops and additional tickets only

Select this registration type if you are not attending BCIEW and are only attending a pre or post-conference workshop, the Opening Reception, or the IE Awards Banquet.

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The student full registration includes the Opening Reception and the IE Awards Banquet. The category is reserved for full-time students of BC institutions who are not currently employed by an institution/school/international education organization. Students are not allowed to represent their employer while attending the conference. Please note, your name badge will reflect your student registration, as such you will be marked as a Student on the badge and Delegate List. Failure to meet this requirement may result in the revocation of your registration without any refunds. 

a. It is expressly agreed that the members of the Organizing Committee and the Conference Secretariat for the BCIEW, their legal representatives, directors and employees, and their agents, officers and services, shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered directly or indirectly by the person, possession or property of any event participant or other person during or in connection with the events on the program or any other activities of BCIEW for any reason whatsoever no matter howsoever caused. 

b. BCCIE aims to provide a workplace in which everyone is treated with dignity and respect and to foster and preserve an environment that is free from forms of discrimination, bullying, and harassment. By attending a BCCIE event, you agree to being a part of this respectful engagement and you agree to abide by BCCIE’s Respectful-Workplace-Policy.

c. You agree to abide by and engage in appropriate health and safety conduct as specified by the BC HEALTH AUTHORITY while attending BCIEW 2024, and otherwise adhere to the BC health requirements, posted signs and verbal requests. BCCIE intends to the best of its ability to ensure that all participants abide by these protocols including, but not limited to, requiring provide proof of vaccination be provided in order to attend BCIEW 2024 and associated events should the BC Health Authority require this at the time of BCIEW 2024.

d. By attending BCIEW 2024, you understand that your image, likeness, name, voice and/or words may be captured in photographs or recordings taken during the event and you grant BCCIE unrestricted permission to use, publish, display, reproduce, copy and distribute such image, likeness, name, voice and/or words, worldwide, for any purpose authorized by BCCIE, including but not limited to website use, training, publications, presentations, promotional marketing and advertising use, etc., in all forms of media now known or later developed.

e. By submitting your information on this form you consent to the information you have provided being saved on a server outside of Canada.

f. By submitting your registration you are agreeing to receive email communications about our Summer Flagship event. After receiving the first email, you may opt out at any time.

g. Violations of the General Terms and Conditions are determined by BCCIE in its sole discretion. Any participants violating these rules may be subject to: expulsion from BCIEW 2024 without obligation on the part of BCCIE to refund any fees, ineligibility for attendance at future BCCIE events, possible referral to appropriate authorities, and other consequences at the discretion of BCCIE.


Should the event be cancelled resulting from force majeure events (“Force Majeure Events”) no party shall be liable or responsible to the other party, nor deemed to have defaulted under or breached this Agreement. Force Majeure Events are as follows: (a) acts of God; (b) flood, fire, earthquake or explosion; (c) war, invasion, hostilities (whether war is declared or note), terrorist threats or acts, riot or other civil unrest; (d) government order or law; (e) actions, embargoes or blockades in effect on or after the date of this Agreement; (f) action by any governmental authority; (g) national or regional emergency; (h) strikes, labour stoppages or slowdowns or other industrial disturbances; and (i) shortage of adequate power or transportation facilities; and (j) outbreaks of pandemic or other events beyond the control of the party impacted by the Force Majeure Event (the “Affected Party”).

Refunds or partial refunds of full and single day registration fees paid, less a CAD$100 cancellation fee, and refunds of pre-conference workshops, less a CAD$75.00 cancellation fee, per workshop, will be granted until May 15, 2024. Refunds of any additional Opening Reception and IE Awards Banquet tickets, less CAD$50.00 per ticket, will also be granted until May 15, 2024. All requests must be received in writing to on or before this date. After this date BCCIE is liable for all fees for each registered delegate; therefore, REGARDLESS OF THE REASON, NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED. 

Your registration is non-transferable after May 15, 2024, and may not be shared with another individual. If you are found to be in violation of this during the conference, BCCIE reserves the right to revoke your conference pass, without a refund. Any name changes made on or before May 15, 2024 will incur a Name Change Fee of CAD$45.00 plus taxes and fees, per name change. NO NAME CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE. No refunds will be made for non-attendance at BCIEW 2024. For any questions about registration, please email

BCCIE reserves the right to change the format at any time for any or all of the activities if this should appear necessary as a result of events which are beyond control. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such events shall include force majeure, government or other official regulations, natural disasters, strikes or any kind whatsoever, civil, international or other crises, or any other unforeseen occurrence. In the unlikely event that BCIEW 2024 cancels or transitions to an entirely virtual event, travel, accommodation, and related costs will not be refunded by BCCIE. Such costs, cancellations or refunds are not the responsibility of BCCIE.