Full Name
Francisco Javier Quiroz Guerrero
Job Title
International Mobility Coordinator
Universidad Tecnologica de Jalisco
Francisco is an English as a foreign Language Teacher and part of Universidad Tecnológica de Jalisco (UTJ) faculty. He holds a B.A. in EFL from Universidad de Guadalajara, and an M.A. in Education from UNIVA. He has been a full time teacher in UTJ since 2000. He is also the founder of the language academy in UTJ. Over the last 17 years he has been in charge of the French coordination of the school. With a passion for supporting the growth of students from low-income families, Mr. Quiroz was also the founder of the Mobility and Internationalization office. He has encouraged students for outgoing and incoming mobility in different exchange programs. Along this time, he has provided teacher training preparation and academic advising in English to students. Francisco is fluent in English and proficient in French.
Francisco Javier Quiroz Guerrero