You can send an email directly to the participant. Email addresses can be found on the Delegate List. 

Yes! You will receive an e-mail with a meeting request. 

Please remember to check your JUNK MAIL for meeting requests.

Once you are logged into the event platform, click "Meeting Scheduler" and select "Modify my profile" from the drop down menu. 

You will be re-directed to the "Begin Registration" form where you can then select "Attendee Profile" to update your profile. Once you have made updates to your profile, click "Continue" to confirm the changes. 

Meetings are 25 minutes long to allow for a 5 minute break between meetings. 

Unfortunately you are unable to adjust your available meeting times. If you are unavailable for a meeting, please decline the meeting invitation with a message to the requestor with an alterative meeting time/arrangement. 

1. Click "Delegate List"
2. Click on participant's name. A pop up window with the full participant profile will be visible. 

You may then proceed to the "Meeting Scheduler" where you can search for the participant by a number of filters. 

1. Select "Meeting Scheduler" on the top right menu. (You must be registered for this event to access. If you are not signed into your profile, you will be asked to sign in with your event log in credentials to gain access)

2. Use the filters to sort participants by registrant type, country, areas of interest, etc. 

3. Once you have found the participant(s) you would like to meet with, click "Request Meeting" on their contact card.

4. When you have completed the request form, click "submit" to send meeting invites to the selected participants.

Note: Meetings can accommodate up to 4 participants per meeting. Meeting participants must be registered for the event. You may add more participants to the meeting by clicking "Add Participant" and searching for their name. Each invited participant will receive an email notification. 

Only available meeting times will be visible. 

No, meetings must be held between registered event participants only (up to 4 people max). 

Meeting requests sent, received and accepted can be viewed under "My Meetings" tab. 

The meeting colour represents the status of a meeting.

Awaiting Response = Grey 
Accepted Meetings = Blue
Action Required (you need to respond to a meeting request you received)= Orange

Click on the meeting to view all details.

There is a virtual meeting link on the meeting details (accessed through "My Meetings") or in your calendar meeting. Camera and audio will be automatically enabled at the start of the meeting. 

If you exported your meeting(s) to your Outlook/Gmail calendar, the link to join will be available in the meeting invite as well.

You can invite additional colleagues to your meeting by providing your own meeting room link with your meeting request  (Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc.). You can then provide your meeting room link to your other colleagues.